This Yellow Wall-Paper site was constructed by students in Daniel Anderson's (Spring 1995) American Literature survey course. Students in Nick Evans' American literature course have built another site on this work. Work relating to "The Yellow Wall-Paper" has also been developed by Students in the Smith College CONNECTIONS Program. This site is currently being maintained by Daniel Anderson and Nick Evans. If you have any resources or wish to make use of this site, or if you just want to make a comment, please get in touch. Thanks. You may also add your thoughts to this site at our discussion forum.

So far...

you can read an online version of the text of the Yellow Wall-Paper.

You can read Gilman's reply to some of the responses to the story, titled, "Why I Wrote the Yellow Wall-Paper."

You can also read an excerpt from H.E. Scudder, an editor, written upon receiving a manuscript of the story.

Our newsgroup has been taken off line; stay tuned for postings of the archives. The good news is we've replaced the newsgroup with a message forum. Like a newsgroup you can start a discussion thread or respond to others in the forum. Feel free to develop a thread with your classes.

You can try an interactive comment site for discussion of the ending, including the illustration that accompanied the original edition.

Students from several classes across the US have submitted student essays on the Yellow Wall-Paper

You can read a transcript of an electronic discussion of the Yellow Wall-Paper held by Daniel Anderson's class. Ann M. Woodlief's class has provided another electronic discussion transcript. You can see (even add to) some postings on our scrolling message board

You can also read the online version of The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Newsletter.

If you're interested, check out some feedback about this site.

You can also use the images or links below to reach discussion of the Women Make Movies film version of the story.

We discuss the ending, and the women in the film. We look at the narrator, and the wallpaper.
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