A Walk To Remember reflection

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When we first recveived this assignment, it seemed fairly easy and straightforward. I had a hard time choosing a book, but eventually decided to use A Walk To Remember because it's a book that I have always love, and I feel like I have a fairly good understanding of the characters. Originally, I had trouble selecting songs to represent Jamie Sullivan, so I decided to brainstorm songs that I felt fit the book for whatever reason. Within minutes, I had nearly a page of songs. From this list, I realized that most of the songs portrayed changes in both Jamie and Landon, and decided that instead of doing a playlist based solely on Jamie, I would do one outlining the twists and turns of their relationship. After selecting my final songs and writing their descriptions, I didn't think that I had much left to do, so, like I unfortunately often do, I procastinated and didn't really get down to formatting my playlist until a day or twobefore it was due... BIG mistake! The codes and formatting completely overwhelmed me, and I had no idea where to begin. Eventually, I got the hang of the basics, and while it became much simpler, it was much more time consuming than I first anticipated. It took all day and night to put together! I definately learned a hard lesson in time management, and will try to work on the next assignment little bits at a time. Additionally, I learned much more from this assignment than complicated computer codes and the importance of doing work on time. I have never studied english in a way other than writing a paper, memorizing plot lines, and taking tests. Although this assignment involved none of those, it still required the same level, if not deeper, of understanding of the literature. In order to choose songs that relate lyrically to a story line, you first must a solid understanding of the plot. To choose songs that fit the book completely, you also must have a firm grasp of the mood of the story and the author's tone. Selecting songs to represent characters requires an in depth analysis and understanding of these characters. I was suprised to learn that creating a playlist is adequate preparation to succeed on any test or paper on the work of literature!

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