English 52 Portfolio, Sugg

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Dear Readers, 

Taking English 52 was pleasure. It introduced me to new technology and new ways of thinking, but more importantly it introduced me to a new take on the English classroom experience. 

SLOW: Destruction to Isolation

Your Hand in Mine

New and Old: Time is the Essence

If you’re reading this, then you surely will have a lot of time on your hands, because you will be going through my journey of an entire semester through one of the most interesting courses that has ever existed.

Advanced Composing with Colorbox

Loading Hidden Content

If you go to the source of your posting, and enter this code:

<a class="colorbox-inline" href="?width=500&height=500&inline=true#id-of-content">Link to hidden content on a page</a>


Link to hidden content on a page
It will create this link: Link to hidden content on a page



Then if you go to the source and add these codes:

Adrian vs ISIS Revised

Watchmen Video - Revised