Silk Spectre


The idiom that opens the piece does well at setting up the angle. I like the way you combine imagery and typing around 21 seconds. When the sound from the scene from the film comes in it  is a bit disorienting. I think some of that has to do with the reading of the cells from the book that follows. As my eye is tracking that I run into trouble in that they just don't stay on screen long enough for me to take in. That is exacerbated by the film clip playing underneath. In some ways, i think this may be a question of pacing--both in terms of my eye and its ability to take in materials, and in terms of the movement of the video. It feels like the video is still establishing the mother/daughter link when the Comedian clip kicks in. I'm also confused at 1:02 when it switches to the Dr. Manhattan voiceover and clip. I feel like the Comedian clip and the one with Laurie that comes after may just be working to establish that each is a good fighter; fair enough, but it might be that there is a simpler way to get this across. While thinking about these kinds of claims to be made, I also wonder if the typing on the page is the best way to move people through these points. What about titles in the videos--strong fighters, bad relationships, etc.? Around 1:45, I feel like more quickly--perhaps without the zooming--getting to the highlighted segment might be good. With all of the video materials from the film, I feel like more trimming and delivery of smaller pieces will be good. For all of the feedback, I keep returning to the structure and the possibilities that might be had for organizing things using titles that create more clear sections in the video. With a more discrete structure, then the editing of the clips and the delivery of the book materials can all be done with an eye and ear toward emphasizing those key terms. I feel like this is implicitly happening, but it comes through as more of an evolution or a string of related points and materials that is not always as clear as it might be. Nice work. 

I liked the use of different mediums like clips from the movie and continuous typing that is featured throughout. You make your message clear from the very begginning with the "Like mother like daughter" line and use many examples to support that. There are times though when I wonder how the material relates to that one statement. I also think the reliance on the video clip that plays for the last 80 seconds or so is a little too long. I think focusing on the content and cleaning up the editing could really take this to the next level. Good job!

I like all the different mediums that you incorporated into your video, the movie and panels from the comic. You also established you message pretty prominently at the beginning of your video as well, which was beneficial. The only criticism I could make would be that your video clips seem a tad disorganized in relation to the text that was being typed. Maybe try and trim some on the longer clips and focus on the larger themes you're addressing to get your message across more directly. Other than that, great video!