I really enjoy how the text you used matched the Watchmen typeface; it's aesthetically pleasing and really emphasizes the connection to the book. The music really sets the tone for strength and a sort of reawakening. I personally feel like maybe it drew a little too much stuff from the movie rather than the comic. However, this video works very well; the editing is great and your choice of clips were wise.

This is a very well produced video! I like how matched the typeface and font color with that from the comic; it was both aesthetically pleasing and artistically creative. Your music choice was well made as it created a sense of drama and power in relation to your topic, which was presented strongly. There was a good balance of cells from the comic book and scenes from the movie, but I feel like a call out on images from the graphic novel would have aided in focusing in on certain text bubbles you wanted to be read. Otherwise, the video flows smoothly and the editing was above and beyond execellent.