The Road- Are You Carrying The Fire?

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Overall, I felt your video was successful in creating a somber mood much like that in the post-apocalyptic world of "The Road."  I feel that starting out with a clip from the movie helped to set a strong, intense tone  and the music and imagery used helped to continue this.  One thing I would change is adding in more (or more relevent quotes) about your topic of "Are you carrying the fire."  I feel that this would allow you to better express your theme and the connotation of "fire" to the audience.

I felt that your video did an excellent job setting a melancholic, serious tone with the song selection. The video at the beginning does a great job setting this tone as well, along with the way in which the quotes and images show up. I would work more on getting the message across of "carrying the fire" by maybe adding some more quotes or your response to this message in a dialogue box. Overall, great job.

I really liked your video overall. The beging did a good job setting the scene and the tone. I liked the use of the movie clip. I think you need to make the message "carrying the fire" more evident. 

The opening quote does well to grab the viewer's interest. I wonder about the relationship between the opening text and the clip that follows. The transitions from segment to segment will be more clear with some narration or callouts that guide the viewer. I intuit a sense of the relationship between the quotes--or a kind of potential progression. I'm not sure it gets fully brought to closure, though, linking back to the fathers watching quote. And with the clips and visuals, I'm feeling like I'm not getting there when it comes to the connections. 

I really like the audio overlaying the first part of the video. Overall, your video is well done, but I would add some more elements to further guide your viewer into the direction you're heading in. Also, I would add some more elements that really fit with the "are you carrying the fire theme," because it seems slightly abstract.

I liked your video a lot, and I think the message was clear to the viewer. I think you could have tried using a different feature of camtasia for the text that you use. Maybe, you could type of the text instead of just showing it on the screen. However, I think you did a great job. 

The movie clip you provided at the beginning of your video related strongly with you chosen quote and helped establish a somber, melancholy mood. I feel like you had a good balance between text, pictures, video and audio, but I believe more quotes would have been a good choice as well. It would have helped better address your theme of carrying the fire, but fantastic video nontheless.